NPS is a service oriented company that offers corrosion engineering and cathodic protection services that specialize in diagnostic troubleshooting, preventative maintenance and regulatory compliance related to cathodic protection.   Some of the services include:

Corrosion Consulting Services

Pipeline Integrity Surveys and Evaluation

  • Cathodic Protection System Evaluation and Consulting for Regulatory Compliance
  • Close Interval Surveys
  • Voltage Gradient Surveys (DCVG/ACVG/AC Attenuation/Cell to Cell) for Coating Evaluation
  • Soil Resistivity and Depth of Cover Surveys
  • Annual Test Point Surveys
  • Casing Assessment Surveys

Corrosion Engineering Services

  • Cathodic Protection System Testing and Design
    • Cross Country Pipelines
    • Distribution Pipeline Systems
    • Tank Bottoms
    • Compressor, Pumping, and Meter Stations
  • AC Mitigation Testing and Analysis
  • Remote Monitoring Unit Installations

Construction Services

  • Cathodic Protection Groundbed Installations
  • Test Point Installations
  • Rectifier Installations
  • AC Mitigation System Installations

Cathodic Protection System Mapping and Data Overlay